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Carlos is a visionary. He has a love and passion for serving his community. Carlos has lived over seas and traveled the world. He calls his home  here on The islands the most beautiful place on earth. He is driven to protect the land and preserve culture. Living is a place of such beauty, resources and culture also means living in a land of opportunities for exploitation and oppression. Working with other community and state leaders,  he hopes to create the tools and resources for communities to empower themselves. When not working or serving his community Carlos loves spending time with his wife kids. They love to surf and have bbq’s at the beach.

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Neva strongly believes that we as a people need to make our voices heard. That we need to stand up for what's right and stand against what is wrong. She believes that making a change for the better is a must and that we need to take care of the land and sea that care for us and malama the protectors. Till the last aloha aina.

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Atalina's purpose in sitting on the board is to lead efforts in protecting the quality of life of community members as well as providing opportunities to increase their quality of life through health programs, interventions and all needed avenues to provide necessary resources for members of the Ko'olauloa region and all of Hawaii.  She strongly believes that there are countless needs in our community, but no organization or foundation willing to take on the challenge of finding health solutions tailored specifically for our community with cultural competence, cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, and cultural safety. She feels we live in a very unique community with an already established strong sense of unity and we need people from within the community, who know firsthand our specific needs and will be the voice of the community members.  Atalina will humbly serve this community and all of Hawaii in doing what's best for it's people.

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Melissas vision is to stand up for those that cannot advocate for themselves. To uphold and protect what is socially, environmentally, and culturally pono. She believes that we need to inspire communities to be unified now and for generations to come.

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Ayesha was raised on the North shore of Oahu, where she lives today. She is a lei maker and a mother of 4.  Ayesha is passionate about making sure her community is a safe environment for our Keiki and Kupuna. She cares a lot for her community and believes that all of  Hawai'i should be protected from big corporations taking advantage of small low income communities.

She strongly believes that Hawaiian culture should be respected and that Aloha 'āina should be taught at an early age.

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